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Sustainability is the capacity to maintain, support or endure. At M Capital Group, we approach sustainability in our communities and environments as an investment in the future – one that fosters business growth, which in turn nurtures economic, social and environmental benefits to our stakeholders. We strive to create value for our communities, clients, organizations, investors, partners, professionals, stakeholders and the MCG team, through utilizing our core strengths and areas of expertise to create and deliver value.

We have executed transactions and invested in industries always integrating our social and ecnomic values: in addition to corporate governance principles. MCG always striving to explore new opportunities and frontiers. MCG strives to have an extensive and diverse network ranging from entrepreneurs, universities, designers, artists and others. Our strength lies in providing our expertise across a range of sectors to a variety of individuals, institutions and governments, while also learning from them across the world to create shared excellence.

In accordance with our own guidelines, we strive to act in the best long-term interest of our communities’ stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Our key extracurricular activities and community involvement are around three themes:


Culture & Education


Health & Sports


Community & Social Care

How MCG Engages with Stakeholders

MCG Team Members

MCG Partners

Governments and Regulators



Community & Social Care



Health & Sports