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  • MCG only selectively engages itself on fund and asset management partnerships where it provides a deep understanding of the asset class and investor groups
  • MCG has a ‘club’ of tested relationships
  • MCG works for established funds or new fund start-up initiatives

Tested Model:

  • Understand the product and strategy
  • Pitch and highlight the key differentiation and critical success factors
  • Focused and detailed placement effort
  • Strategic and high level relationships encompassing sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions and ultra-high net worth individuals and related family offices
  • Post-closing, provision of continued valued added support
  • Provides portfolio companies advice and strategic relationships

Extensive Complex Track Record:

      • Government private equity emerging market spin-off and placement
      • First Islamic finance real estate head lease fund
      • Banking private equity spin-off and placement

Our Approach

MCG has developed a unique partnership approach in the Asset Management & Funds area.

unique partnership approach

MCG can act as a wide and diverse pool of deep rooted senior relationships.

deep and broad partner investor universe