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advisory-and-ma-Advisory and M&A


  • M Capital Group provides strategic advisory services based on its key senior Board, Chairman and CEO level relationships, combined with international and regional expertise coupled with a deep understanding of the industry
  • MCG offers expertise in maximizing value through confidential, discreet and highly sophisticated international processes
  • MCG creates value in identifying strategic opportunities/partnerships and creating innovative solutions
  • The team has a long history and expertise in the financial sector

Key Offering:

      • Knowledge of Industry and Strategy
      • Understanding of Objectives
      • Unique Value Added Advice
      • Detailed and Experienced M&A Technical Know-How
      • Extensive Negotiations Expertise and Know-How
      • Discreet and Confidential Partner

Our Approach

Result Oriented

MCG offers a result oriented approach drawn from the team’s senior management experience and know-how across a range of industries.

Result Oriented Approach

Unique Financial Institution Analysis

M Capital Group uses its proprietary “CAMEL” assessment tool.